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1 review
It is a great restaurant. The food was very tasty


1 review
Delicious! Best Indian pizza I've ever had.


1 review
We LOVE their Indian pizza, it's our favorite!!


4 reviews
This is my favorite pizza place hands down. I like my pizza spicy and this certainly fits the bill. You tell them how spicy you want it and they actually make to your level...not theirs. The Agneepatha(?) pizza is one of the Indian pizzas with a white sauce and a touch of sweet that comes from the pineapple bits. They create a chewier crust. My husband loves their pepperoni pizza although it's not his favorite place. Go with the Indian specialty pizzas here. Really interesting Indian nachos.


2 reviews
Great food. Good value for money.

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528 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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